Culture of Safety

In a nutshell, we teach “self-defense,” as well as Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do.  To us, self-defense means anything you do or say that helps you feel and be safer.  So our self-defense classes include both physical skills and interpersonal skills that help people not only respond to violence but prevent it.  We work with our participants to help them create cultures of safety, strength, and respect in schools, workplaces, and communities through our empowerment-based trainings across the city of Chicago and suburbs.

Culture of Safety is proud to announce that we now have a variety of remote workshop options


We are Amy and Kyren.  Both of us are black belts.  Amy is a social worker, and Kyren has spent decades studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you to create a Culture of Safety.

Culture of Safety, LLC is a small business that offers empowerment-based violence prevention – specifically empowerment self-defense classes, as well as classes addressing harassment prevention, de-escalation, bystander intervention, mindfulness, and karate for kids, youth, teens, and adults in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  We also offer ongoing karate classes for kids and adults.

Culture of Safety serves both individuals and organizations such as small businesses, large corporations, community groups, schools and educational facilities (K – 12 and higher education), nonprofit organizations, and private groups.

A person telling another person to stop.

What Is Empowerment-Based Violence Prevention?

Empowerment-Based Violence Prevention is an approach to violence prevention that helps individuals enhance their safety by helping them understand, maximize, and increase their own strength.  Culture of Safety recognizes that people feel safer when they know they can physically defend themselves if necessary, so most of our trainings include a physical self-defense section.  And we further recognize that safety strategies that rely entirely on physical self-defense can only be effective in a physical altercation.  Knowing that our clients do not want to fight if they don’t have to, Culture of Safety teaches students how to notice and respond to people behaving unsafely in their environments long before a fight happens, allowing them to prevent most violence before it starts.  The result is a comprehensive approach to enhanced personal safety. 


Does ESD Work?

In a word, yes!  Evidence shows an ~50% reduction in the experience of violence after an empowerment-based safety training.  No other intervention is as effective.  The infographic linked below (click to see larger version) summarizes recent evidence.

Flyer describing the evidence-base of ESD
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