Next Beginners’ Series for Adults

Karate for Every Body, and for everybody!  Join us today to start your martial path. We have a few beginners’ series every year, and otherwise we have rolling admission. The only requirement is that you start with in-person classes. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to also take remote classes on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you prefer a cohort, you can join our next beginners’ series, scheduled to begin Tuesday, January 11th. 

Choosing Between a Beginners’ Series and Rolling Admission

Benefits of Rolling Admission:

  • Instant (or at least quick) gratification!   You can start karate next Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.
  • Try Before You Buy  Beginners who choose rolling admission can take a free trial class before signing up
  • More Individual Attention  Because you’re likely to be one of the only beginners in the class, you’ll have the benefit of individual attention

Benefits of Beginners’ Series

  • There’s safety in numbers: It can feel hard to be the only new person in a group.  The Beginners’ Series means you’ll be surrounded by other beginners, which can feel less intimidating to some folks
  • Free uniform:  The Beginners’ Series is 8 weeks, and towards the end of that 8 weeks, we’ll give you a free uniform (a $45 value)
  • Time to Plan:  By signing up now for the Beginners’ Series, you give yourself the opportunity to have something coming up to look forward to!

(Looking for classes for kids? Check out our Karate for Kids and Families page!)

Why Every Body Karate?

Because no body is perfect and every body deserves to feel safe, strong, and respected. Start karate with the body you have today. We want each person to discover the joy of karate in the body they have—not the body someone else tells them they should have.

How to we make our classes welcoming to every body at Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do Chicago?

  • Using trauma-aware teaching practices
  • Creating a trans-and-GNC-affirming space
  • Working with people with a variety of abilities and a variety of fitness levels
  • Offering tiered pricing – which allows those who can afford it the opportunity to support those less able
  • Offering affordable one-on-one remote or in-person private lessons

What do you mean by Body-positive karate? 

At Culture of Safety, we know that people come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. We believe and are committed to the principle that each person gets to practice karate with the body they have–not the body they (or someone else) wishes they had. We recognize that size is not necessarily an indicator of fitness; fitness looks different for each body.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we teach from a body-positive, trans-affirming, and trauma-aware perspective. Whatever your age, whatever your fitness level, we’re here to help you find your strongest, most confident, and most empowered self. All classes are currently taught by Amy Jones and Kyren Epperson. Amy Jones, LSW (she/her) is a 3rd degree black belt and a licensed social worker, as well as a certified empowerment self-defense instructor.  Kyren Epperson, PhD (they/them) is a 2nd degree black belt, a teacher of samatha meditation, and a student of Zen Shiatsu massage (bodywork) as well as a certified empowerment self-defense instructor. With their blend of backgrounds, Senpai Amy and Senpai Kyren work to create an empowering environment where folks of all ages and stages can feel safe exploring something new.

What if I want to keep taking classes after the Beginners’ Series ends?

We hope you will! After completing the the series, you can join as a member at one of our monthly membership tiers to gain access to multi-level classes 5 days a week!

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