Next Public Empowerment Self-Defense Class

Empowerment-Based Self-Defense (ESD for short) is an approach to personal safety that helps people understand, maximize, and increase their own strength.  Culture of Safety knows that people feel safer when they know they can physically defend themselves if necessary, so most of our trainings include a physical self-defense section.  And we also recognize that safety strategies that rely entirely on physical self-defense can only be effective in a physical fight.  Knowing that our clients do not want to fight if they don’t have to, Culture of Safety teaches students how to notice and respond to people behaving unsafely in their environments long before a fight happens, allowing them to prevent most violence before it starts.  The result is a comprehensive approach to enhanced personal safety.  Our goal is to help you feel and be safer, stronger, and more self-confident.

Saturday, March 11, 2023
4:30 – 6:30 PM
Self-Defense for Women & Teen Girls

Open to all feminine-of center folks, ages 12+.  This workshop will teach people ) to recognize potentially dangerous situations, use assertive communication to enhance their safety, and if necessary, physically resist and get away from people who mean them harm. Culture of Safety is a trans-affirming space. Register here!

Hoping to schedule a class for your company, school, scout troop, or organization?  Check out self-defense for groups, kids self-defense classes, or self-defense for companies!


Upcoming Self-Defense & Safety Workshops

Registration will be open soon on all workshops in 2023!

  • Friday February 17th – Sunday February 26th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday only): 2 weekend intensive Dating Safety & Sex Ed for ages 12 – 14
  • Saturday, March 11th – Women & Teen Girls ESD Workshop
  • Saturday, April 8th – ESD for Adults
  • June 12th – 16th: Sex Ed & Dating Safety for Ages 12 – 14
  • Saturday, September 16th:  Kids’ ESD for Ages 8 – 11
  • Saturday, October 21st:  ESD for Teens

Schedule a Semi-Private Self-Defense Class

If you’d like to take a self-defense class or workshop on your schedule and have a few friends (total of 4 people) to take it with you, use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us about creating a semi-private training.  “Semi-private” means that we’ll work with you to schedule it at your convenience and find pricing that works for you and your friends (part of our commitment to equity), but also open it up to the public and market it along with you.


Recent Classes

Below are the last few public and semi-private self-defense workshops we’ve offered.  All of our workshops teach trauma-informed and queer-affirming empowerment-based self-defense for people of all genders and abilities.  

Saturday, January 21, 2023
Self-Defense for Teens & Parents


Saturday, December 10th, 2022
ESD for Young Adults
Young Adult Self-Defense Students Demonstrate Their Strength




Saturday. September 17th, 2022
ESD for Teens







Saturday, May 7, 2022
ESD for Adults

May 2022 Self-Defense Workshop







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