Why Shiatsu?

Do you experience a lot of stress in day to day life?

Do you live with chronic pain, digestive problems, sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, or other overwhelming emotional states? Regular Shiatsu treatment can help with these and more.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork that is based in Chinese Medicine–think meridians and points used by acupuncture and acupressure!–and informed by Western Physiology and Psychology. Shiatsu benefits the muscles and our structure like massage, it involves gentle passive stretching like yoga, and it benefits our internal systems like sleep, energy, and our emotions, like acupuncture. It can be as gentle or as deep as the receiver needs.

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What are the benefits of Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is highly effective for promoting relaxation and managing stress. Shiatsu also helps with overwhelming emotional states in addition to benefiting our internal systems such as sleep, digestion, energy, and more!  Shiatsu is particularly effective at supporting the body through stress-based injuries, illnesses, and bodily imbalances. Shiatsu works on the deeper levels of our body, including fascia and our nervous system. By allowing our nervous system to reset, shiatsu supports the body in its natural healing process.

Shiatsu is a modality of bodywork that is practiced over clothing. This makes bodywork more accessible to clients with sensory issues, body dysphoria, and/or embodied trauma which might make modalities that require clothing removal to be triggering or overwhelming. Clients get to wear whatever clothing they find comfortable which allows freedom of movement, such as workout pants or even pajamas.

Trauma informed, queer affirming and accessible bodywork

As a queer and non-binary trans-masculine trauma survivor living with a neurodivergent brain, I am committed to supporting all persons in expressing their authentic selves and making Shiatsu Bodywork accessible for people of all bodies and minds. I work collaboratively with each client to help them identify their own health and healing goals. I prioritize client consent at every step of the process.

My approach to Shiatsu is informed by years of trainings, certifications, and practice teaching karate and self-defense through a trauma-aware, queer and trans-affirming, and intersectional lens. I keep my work intersectional and trauma-informed through work with a collective of Trauma-informed Bodyworkers.

What have clients said about Shiatsu with Kyren?

“Kyren’s empathetic nature made for a very natural dialogue. It was easy to talk, and then find what I was actually trying to say. The process was an exchange. It was collaborative. Refreshing!”

“[Kyren was] able to adapt to my body’s needs with respect for me & with confidence. Actively sought my feedback & listened. Gentleness & soothing tone of voice supported me…”

“[Kyren] makes me feel cared for, seen, heard, and respected. 🙂 ”

“Although I was feeling stressed & uncomfortable, Kyren was able to get parts of me to relax, which felt like a little miracle.”

“[Kyren’s strengths are] respect, conscientiousness, a welcoming and thoughtful spirit, knowledge of the body and its needs.”

“[Kyren] really helped me see a deeper layer of my healing!”

“I long to be open to knowledge and experiences beyond my current knowledge. These sessions really helped me and I want to continue down the path of Shiatsu for healing mind and body.”

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What other services does Kyren offer ?

Kyren also offers cupping, moxibustion, and guasha as supplements to their Shiatsu practice. Kyren E. Epperson, PhD is an AOBTA – Certified Practitioner and a licensed Massage Therapist in the State of IL. Kyren is connected with other trauma-informed and queer-affirming health workers locally and can refer out for other modalities which might complement Shiatsu therapy, including acupuncture, herbs, Swedish massage, counseling, physical therapy, and other health and healing modalities.

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