Why Shiatsu Massage Therapy?

Ever heard of the phrase, “The Body Keeps the Score”? While used clinically to explain how traumatic events become encoded in our bodies, it’s also true of how our bodies integrate everyday life. Our bodies spent an enormous amount of time and energy processing and supporting chronic tension and pain. What if our bodies no longer had to do that? How much more energized would you feel? How much better would you sleep? How much better would you digest food? How much better would you be able to do the activities you enjoy and spend time with the people you love?

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Shiatsu massage is highly effective at promoting relaxation and managing stress. It functions, in part, by releasing that chronic tension stored deep in the fascia. Because it works deep in the body and facilitates relaxation and sleep, Shiatsu massage can also benefit digestion, nervous system regulation, restore energy, and more!  Shiatsu is particularly effective at supporting the body through stress-based injuries, illnesses, and bodily imbalances. By allowing our nervous system to reset, shiatsu supports the body in its natural healing process.

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So why should you try Shiatsu massage?


It’s life-changing

Results pay back with renewed energy, confidence, greater mental clarity, ease of body movement, and more. Clients who come in with pain complaints find that not only does their pain ease with regular Shiatsu massage treatment, but they also feel stronger, more energetic, and more able to enjoy the things in life that are important to them. Imagine doing your favorite hobby or activity pain-free, with ease, and with more energy. That is the power of Shiatsu massage!


It’s accessible, LGBTQIA+-affirming, and trauma-informed

Shiatsu massage is highly accessible for folks of all bodies, especially those with trauma-history. I practice on a futon, which is helpful for many with mobility limitations. Shiatsu massage is a modality of bodywork that is practiced over clothing. This makes bodywork more accessible to clients with sensory issues, body dysphoria, and/or embodied trauma which might make modalities that require clothing removal to be triggering or overwhelming. Clients can wear whatever clothing they find comfortable which allows freedom of movement, such as workout pants or even pajamas. I center client autonomy and consent along every step of the way. To learn more about me and my background and specialties, click here


Invest in yourself and your health.  What is freedom of movement and quality of life worth to you? What is physical and emotional ease worth to you? What is your tipping point? At what point do you decide it’s time for a change?

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