Shiatsu for Chronic Pain & Tension

Shiatsu can be used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from musculoskeletal concerns (i.e. injuries, joint pain, muscle tension, postural issues, arthritis) to physiological imbalances (i.e. sleep problems, digestive issues, allergies, anxiety, low energy). It is an excellent tool for both acute and preventative health treatment as well as regular personal care.

Shiatsu massage is highly effective at promoting relaxation and managing stress. It functions, in part, by releasing that chronic tension stored deep in the fascia. Because it works deep in the body and facilitates relaxation and sleep, Shiatsu massage can also benefit digestion, nervous system regulation, restore energy, and more!  Shiatsu is particularly effective at helping the body recover from stress-based injuries, illnesses, and bodily imbalances. By allowing our nervous system to reset and facilitating deep relaxation and sleep, shiatsu supports the body in its natural healing process.

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