Dating Safety & Sex Ed Pricing

Pricing for the Dating Safety and Sex Ed series follows our Tiered Pricing model and also includes household pricing.  To register additional household members, register the first participant, and indicate additional household members (labeled as siblings, though unrelated or differently-related household members are welcome to register, as long as they fit the age criteria and are part of the same household as explained on the Jin Sei Ryu Pricing page).   Additional household members are $25 for one additional member (total of 2), and $50 for 2 or more (total of 3 or more).

Current Jin Sei Ryu Chicago students are eligible for a discount; please reach out for a discount code if this applies to you.

Pricing is for all sessions (15 hours total)

Standard: $200

Reduced: $150

Supporter: $250

As with all of our programs, we have a commitment to financial equity.  If our pricing presents a financial barrier, we encourage you to contact us and we’ll try to accommodate you.

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