Rogers Park OWL – Next Session

Classes for 8th & 9th graders are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2023.  The format of the sessions is under consideration:  it may be a weekly series of 90-minute or 3-hour sessions, or it may be a shorter, more intensive series (potentially as part of a day camp).  If you have a strong preference for either of these options, we want to hear from you!  Fill out the form below.

A parent session will be held the week before the first session, with an additional parent session concurrent with the first student session.  Attendance at one of these parent sessions is mandatory for at least one responsible adult per student enrolled.

Once registration opens, a link will be added to this page to register for the next session.

Questions?  Reach out using the form below.

Rogers Park OWL Facilitators

RP OWL is currently recruiting facilitators.  All facilitators must be trained to deliver OWL curriculum, and will be extensively background-checked by Culture of Safety.

Interested in becoming a facilitator for Rogers Park OWL?  Let us know by using the contact form below.  Preference is given to individuals who have been already received facilitator training; however, interested parties may contact us about options on receiving training.

RP OWL Question Form