Monthly Group Karate Classes

At Jin Sei Ryu Chicago, we are proud to offer both Tiered and Household pricing in order to maximize affordability for students and families.  Both are part of our commitment to equity  We believe that everyone should be able to learn karate, regardless of their (or their family’s) financial means.  We are proud of the quality of instruction we deliver, and trust our members to choose the tier that makes sense for their circumstances.  Learn more about both tiered and household pricing below.

Tiered Structure

We offer 3 tiers of payment: Reduced, Standard, and Supporter.  We offer this PDF document as guidance for those who aren’t sure what to choose, but it’s ultimately up to each individual.  We trust individuals and families to choose the tier that is best for them.  Families and individuals who interested in the Reduced Tier or in Household Pricing must submit a short application to demonstrate financial need.   Priority consideration for Reduced Tier and Household pricing includes those historically excluded from participation because of race, gender identity, immigration status, or socio-economic status.

Household Pricing

Multiple members of a household get household pricing.
Mom and kids who train together!

The family that trains together, smiles together.  Families with multiple household members may take advantage of our household pricing.  Choose your tier for the first training member (Reduced, Standard, or Supporter).  Households with financial need may apply for Household pricing, so that additional members only pay 50% dues. We know that families  and households come in all sorts of configurations, and we want to support the whole household in feeling safer, stronger, and more self-confident!  We define a “household” as a group of people who live together and pool their financial resources.  So most married couples and committed partners would qualify as a household (since they pool financial resources), but most roommates would not.  Households with multiple non-earning members (including children and unemployed adults) receive priority consideration for household pricing.

Monthly prices for group classes at Jin Sei Ryu Chicago
Tier 1 student *Household pricing: 2 students *Household Pricing: 3+ students
Standard  $120  $180   $240
Supporter  $180  $270   $360
*Reduced $70  $105   $140

Prices are a flat rate for as many group classes per month that a student is eligible for.

*Reduced Rate and Household Pricing both require an application; not all families will be approved for these rates.  Approval depends on both program capacity & individual financial situations.

Beginners’ Series

Our beginners’ series for adults is 8 – 10 weeks, and includes a free uniform. We offer the same tiered structure as above, but prefer students pay for the entire series at once.

Prices for 8-10 week Adult & Teen Beginners’ Series
Tier 1 student *Household pricing: 2 students *Household Pricing: 3+ students
Standard $240 $360 $480
Supporter $360 $540 $720
*Reduced $140 $210 $280

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be in addition to regular group classes or instead of group classes (though we encourage all students to take advantage of our group classes), and may be online or in person.    Jin Sei Ryu Chicago pricing for private lessons is as follows:

30-minute private lesson:  $75

1 hour private lesson: $150

Cancellation policy:  50% of cost for lesson for same-day cancellations.