Monthly Group Classes

Tiered Structure

At Jin Sei Ryu Chicago, we offer a tiered pricing structure and trust individuals and families to choose the tier that is best for them.  We offer this PDF document as guidance for those who aren’t sure what to choose, but it’s ultimately up to each individual.  We created our tiers as part of our commitment to equity — which is also why we will go lower than our lowest tier for those with financial need (and will accept higher than the highest tier for those with financial means).

Household Pricing

The family that trains together, smiles together.  Families with multiple household members (defined as a group of people that live together and pool their financial resources) may take advantage of our household pricing.  Additional household members may take classes with us for a modest surcharge.  We know that families come in all sorts of configurations, and we want to support the whole family in feeling safer, stronger, and more self-confident!

Monthly prices for group classes at Jin Sei Ryu Chicago
Tier 1 student 2nd students 3 + students
Reduced $60 $90 $115
Standard $90 $115 $135
Supporter $125 $150 $180

Prices are a flat rate for as many group classes per month that a student is eligible for.

Beginners’ Series

Our beginners’ series for adults is 8 – 10 weeks, and includes a free uniform. We offer the same tiered structure as above, but prefer students pay for the entire series at once.

Prices for Beginners’ Series at Jin Sei Ryu Chicago
Tier 1 student 2nd students 3 + students
Reduced $120 $150 $230
Standard $180 $230 $270
Supporter $250 $300 $360

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be in addition to regular group classes or instead of group classes (though we encourage all students to take advantage of our group classes).  Students paying at least $100 a month for private lessons may attend any group classes for which they are eligible at no additional charge.

30-minute private lesson:  $50

1 hour private lesson: $75

Cancellation policy:  50% of cost for lesson for same-day cancellations.