How will you keep me and my family safe during Covid-19 while providing quality instruction?

Excellent question. As teachers, we take seriously our role to keep community members safe. We will always follow the guidance of our leaders in science: the CDC and WHO. We are currently teaching remote group classes and one-on-one remote or in-person private classes only in order to maximize the safety of ourselves, our students, and their families. As health guidance changes, we will resume in-person group classes under the strictest restrictions possible. [See our current schedule!]

All of our classes, remote or otherwise, are taught by Senpai Amy and/or Senpai Kyren (who are their own two-person pod).


Outdoor Group Classes (Returning April 2021)

During the warmer months (July-November 2020), we held all kids classes (and some adult classes outside in Warren Park. Our plan is to return to Warren Park for kids classes (and some adult classes) when the weather thaws again closer to April.

We ensure that during all outdoor classes, students will have access to bathroom facilities, which we believe is essential to create a safe and equitable learning environment for all. Wearing a mask is required for all in-person classes (indoors or outdoors). Students (and teachers) remain a minimum of 6-10ft apart. There is no contact between students (exceptions are made for household members) and to ensure a minimum safe distance, we (the instructors) do not currently hold target pads, make contact with, or use any hands-on corrections for students. Exceptions for students who require physical support can be negotiated between the individual teacher and student, but will always be an exception to the rule during the ‘New Abnormal.’


Remote Group and Private Classes (Ongoing!) 

With two dedicated full-time professional teachers, we have options for both remote and in-person classes that many fitness classes can’t provide.   Our remote classes are designed to take advantage of–rather than merely adapting to–the home environment. No equipment (other than a chair or wall and 6-10 sq feet of space) are needed. We support students who have a variety of unusual space constraints. We understand that pets and young children will make cameos — this is the new abnormal after all!–and we strive to create an atmosphere that is low-stress but still challenging. In the comfort and safety of your home space, you will benefit from instruction and feedback from two qualified experienced teachers experienced in teaching and training from home. We always find a way to make it work. If you have an open heart and a desire to try something new and physically and mentally challenging, we’ll find a way to make it work.

For your safety, for the foreseeable future, there will always be a remote class option. We recognize that not all bodies can healthily risk in-person class and that those who care for at-risk folks can’t risk exposure. We will always support your choice to prioritize the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and others.  We are also happy to arrange private classes (either remote or in-person outdoors or indoors) to ensure everyone has access to karate while making sure their safety needs are met.


Our Community Partner, the United Church of Rogers Park 

Our in-person space (currently available for private sessions only) is the United Church of Rogers Park [link] 3rd floor space. It is a spacious room with tall ceilings, ceiling fans, windows that open all around the room, window fans, and radiator heat at foot level. We conduct temperature checks and require hand sanitizer use prior to entering the space and engage in rigorous cleaning procedures before and in-between private sessions and classes. As a part of our partnership with the UCRP, we are offering ongoing tuition-free membership in Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do Chicago for up to 5 students (of any age) that are a part of the United Church of Rogers Park congregational community. Email to find out more.

For all in-person classes or private sessions, masks must be worn at all times except at designated water breaks when students will be a minimum of 6 ft apart. Students are not permitted to talk while masks are removed for water consumption. We additionally ask every family joining us for in-person classes to commit to our Covid safety protocols as outlined in the Culture of Safety/Jin Sei Ryu Chicago Student Agreement.


The New Abnormal

Even as restrictions and guidance evolve in the months or years to come as vaccines become more available, we will prioritize the health and safety of our students, minimizing physical contact, and allowing for contactless and remote options. This is part of our commitment to accessibility and equity. Every person gets to train in karate with the body they have, and we recognize that some bodies need physical distance to remain healthy. Promotion tests will always be conducted in-person because we know that this is the most powerful and most effective way to assess someone’s growth in a martial art. -The onus is on us as instructors to make in-person tests accessible for our students. We welcome all feedback in these (and other) health and safety-related issues. Email to start the conversation.