What do you mean by body positivity?

At Culture of Safety, we know that people come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. We believe and are committed to the principle that each person gets to practice karate with the body they have–not the body they (or someone else) wishes they had. We recognize that size is not necessarily an indicator of fitness; fitness looks different for each body.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we teach from a body-positive, trans-affirming, and trauma-aware perspective. Whatever your age, whatever your fitness level, we’re here to help you find your strongest, most confident, and most empowered self.

What can you expect as a beginner?

Jin Sei Ryu beginner’s classes are offered both online (groups or private) and in-person (private only). Whether in-person or remote, you’ll be in an environment with just a few other students, so you’ll receive plenty of individualized, supportive attention.  Starting a martial art as an adult is challenging, but comes with lots of rewards.  We’ll be with you every step of the way.  New students can expect to take classes for a minimum of 2 months before advancing to their next belt rank.

To learn more about our Beginner’s schedule, check out our upcoming Winter Karate Bootcamp for Beginners!

When are classes?

All classes for adults are currently held remote-only due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In-person classes are available as private lessons only at this time. Our remote beginners series is currently 6pm – 6:50pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Students pay a monthly rate and may take as many classes as they like.  We recommend at least 2 classes a week.  Clock here to learn more about our commitment to health and safety during Covid-19.

What if I’ve done karate or another martial art before? 

Welcome! We’re always happy to support people who have previous martial experience. Our multi-level remote group classes are appropriate for folks with prior experience as well as classes for “intermediate” or “advanced” martial artists from other styles who wish to study or cross-train in Jin Sei Ryu. Reach out to us directly (info@CultureofSafetyChi.com) and we’ll have a conversation to assess what class options are the best fit for you. Check out our schedule here

What are the costs?

We are committed to equity and transparency. Currently, monthly membership fees for Jin Sei-Ryu Karate-Do are $50 for one person, $75 for 2 (within one household) and $100 for 3+, regardless of age.

We are changing to tiered pricing starting in January 2021, but will check with all current members at that time before raising their rates.  We will never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Fees go towards covering overhead and recurring expenses and to help us feed us and our cats.

Over time, there will be one-time additional costs for uniforms and patches (approximately $35), and promotion test fees ($20-50 in most cases). We will always be clear about costs and expectations.

Additionally, there will be annual international membership fees ($12 each), which gains you access to Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do International’s online repository of online videos and materials for your rank level.

Part of our commitment to equity means that we don’t turn people away because they can’t afford karate. We work with you to find a way. If our membership fees don’t work for you or your household, email us (info@cultureofsafetychi.com) we’ll arrange a time to chat to make it work.


How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll contact you from there!